Pipe Support Brackets for Construction, Insulation and Pre-cast Concrete Sectors.

pipe support bracketsAt Gordon Products, we manufacture and supply pipe support brackets along with wire bending, wire forms and sheet metal components. Our company has been established for fifty years and during that time we’ve secured a solid reputation for the reliable manufacture of production volumes to meet any sized demand. We have invested in state of the art technology for CNC wire bending, punching, folding and pressing capabilities. Included in our production are light fabrications and welded assemblies such as pipe support brackets. We have put a lot of thought and effort into investing where it matters and eliminating waste to assure our customers receive what they want; that is high-quality products delivered on time at the lowest possible price.

We have many product designs but if you need a custom design, bring us your sketch or we can design it for you. We also manufacture our own standard brand products including pipe support brackets used in construction. Our standard single pipe support bracket assembly for 110mm soil pipes is sized to beam profile. The 90-degree bracket supports soil pipes from T beams and the adjustable bridge bracket allows for lateral adjustment between floor beams. Block fix pipe bracket and T bar fix pipe bracket are two more of our frequently requested pipe support brackets. Standing orders or order on request are supplied in any number and delivered on schedule. We are known for our reliability. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver and then make excuses. We run a finely tuned operation.

Pipe support brackets are standard products used in construction, insulation and pre-cast concrete sectors. These are high demand products so we maintain a manufacturing schedule that ensures we’ll be able to fill your order quickly. In order to continue the manufacture of quality products at low prices, we invest in technology, equipment and training that assures consistent quality and efficient production. We have an ideal sized workforce for ultimate efficiency in every department. Too many on staff is a waste of money and too few put us at risk of not meeting delivery deadlines. To find out more about our pipe support brackets, contact us today. The best service at the best price is what we offer based on careful research so our customers can count on us for service, quality and low prices.


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