Pipe Support, Perfectly Designed and Manufactured to Your Requirements

pipe supportWhen you need top quality pipe support brackets, remember Gordon Products. The pipe support components that we manufactured are made from pre-galvanised mild steel, or mild steel/zinc plated. To ensure its strength and durability, pipe support components need to be professionally manufactured. Pipe support is designed to carry the weight of a pipe. This means the weight of the load from the pipe is transferred to the pipe support. The load is usually the pipe’s weight, as well as contents that are being transport or carried by the pipe. It can also include the pipe fittings that are attached to the pipe, as well as any covering of the pipe such as its insulation.

If you need pipe support for your building project, Gordon Products is available to assist. A wide number of industries are supported by our products. These include wire products, wire formed parts, sheet metal products or welded frames, fixtures and assemblies, and pipe support kits. Part of the construction, industrial and engineering sector? Then we are the company to contact for your pipe support needs. We first opened our doors in 1965, and we have continued to work closely with many different industries, providing an excellent, quality service, all at fantastic prices. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and ‘can do’ attitude meets the requirements of all our clients. We continue to invest in the latest machinery, as we know this enables a cost-effective production and consistent quality. Our costs are carefully managed so we can ensure competitive prices for our customers.

If top quality pipe support is a requirement for your project, give us a ring for a budget-friendly quotation. We provide our services with a can do attitude, attention to detail and reliability. You can rest assured that you have come to the right place when you need quality pipe support at an affordable price. When you use our pipe support, you are investing in a top quality product. For top quality pipe support, contact Gordon Products today. Our pipe support is designed for use in a variety of different applications, and should you have any queries, you are welcome to give us a ring for advice or queries.


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