Pipe Support Suited to Multiple Configurations

pipe supportRegardless of what you run through pipe, your system is only as good as the pipe support. If that support needs to be suspended above ground level the right support brackets for the size and weight it must carry is essential. Each industry needs a reliable supply source to keep them stocked so there is no interruption in workflow due to supply shortages. Gordon Products has been manufacturing standard and custom pipe supports for over fifty years. Our focus has been the same as that of our customers; dependable quality supplies delivered on time at the right price. We achieve that goal through a management plan that eliminates waste to keep prices down instead of compromising quality.

At Gordon Products we are quick to invest in the latest technology to improve quality and production because these are the keys to keeping quality high and prices low. Among our many standard wire forms and metal components, pipe support for various industries suited to multiple configurations is a leader. 110mm standard single pipe support brackets for precast beams; 90-degree pipe support brackets for concrete T beams; bridge type pipe support bracket with a range of lateral adjustment; block fixing pipe support bracket with M8 studding to adjust fall and a T bar pipe support bracket are among our standard pipe support products. Count on us to meet your demand for production numbers.

Our shop, based in North West England, is the most reliable pipe support supplier you’ll find. Our staff of fifty is the perfect size to fit our customer needs at prices they find acceptable. If we grow larger, overhead will increase and therefore prices. If we downsize, we won’t be able to meet the demand for on-time delivery. Among our staff are excellent designers capable of designing from your ideas or sketches for custom products or just adjustments to one of our standard products. Contact Gordon Products and tell us what you need and when you need it. We’ll quote you a price and deliver on time; we guarantee it. We can do a one-off run or contract for repeat delivery of specified products.


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