Precision Wire Bending Services to Meet Your Needs

WireformsGordon Products provides top quality wire bending services. Precision is important when it comes to wire bending. Most orders made by clients come with precise dimensions and design. We use the latest cutting edge technology to bend wires to the exact dimensions ordered. We not only meet our client’s requirements but also surpass their expectations with our accurate results. We run an efficient production line and our products are of consistently high quality. The production process occurs in stages. Initially, the client provides all the necessary information to design the final product. The inventors ensure that the ideas put forward can be actualised. Sketches and samples help in the product development stage. We value the clients’ input and work closely from the product development stage to the production phase.

The secret in quality wire bending services lies in the material and machinery used. High-quality materials form high-quality products. Wires are delicate components of any product. However, quality materials last long and do not break easily. The materials we work on include high carbon, mild steel, pre-galvanised, spring, 302, 304, and 316 stainless steel, bronze and copper. We use modern technology to bend the wires and ensure there are no areas of weakness. Our biggest clients come from the electronics manufacturing industry. With the quality of service and products we deliver, many manufacturers are confident in our work. We also deal with clients from cable management companies, the automobile industry and construction. Other the sectors we supply include marine, healthcare and medical, insulation and engineering applications. We always maintain a keen eye for details hence our work is never short of top quality.

The manufacture of clips, hooks, and coiled parts requires wire bending services. Gordon Products is renowned for delivering top quality wire bending services. Our work has seen us earn a spot among top wire bending service providers in the UK. We have a staff of approximately fifty employees who are committed to attending to all the clients’ needs. With over five decades worth of experience, you can be sure we deliver quality work. Contact Gordon Products today and enjoy our wire bending services. We offer quality services at affordable rates.


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