Premium Grade Wireforms Manufactured for Your Specific Requirements

wiremformsWhen you need top-quality wireforms, make sure you get them from the best manufacturers. At Gordon Products, we have more than fifty years’ experience in this sector. Our several generations of customers include those in a diverse range of sectors. We have been supplying wireforms to the leading names in constuction, insulation, furniture, health care, medical, marine, leisure and others in industrial and engineering applications sectors too. Our product range includes a variety of CNC wire forms, wire components, wire works, different types of wire assemblies and wire fabrications. We create bespoke products based on client specifications, from a range of materials that includes bright mild steel, pre-galvanized, high tensile, high-carbon steel, springs, 302, 304 and 316 stainless steel, copper, phosphor and bronze. Customers can also commission us to manufacture bespoke sheet metal components, steel brackets apart from custom wireforms.

Wireforms are shaped, finished wire sections that can be shaped according to specifications. They can take almost any form, including springs and the size options are almost limitless. It can be cut, bent, angled, wound left/right, shaped with closed/open coils, have additional components attached etc. These forms are also used in sectors like agriculture, HVAC, injection moulding, aerospace, medical devices, petroleum and petrochemical industries, automotive and musical instruments. A common use of wireforms is to manufacture a variety of springs that include torsional, compressional and extension springs. These forms are commonly used in battery contacts, mousetraps, safety pins, light fixtures, large applications like construction, etc. Because of the versatility and mouldability of wire, the specifications have to be very clear before the project is launched.

If manufactured correctly, using the best quality materials, wireforms can lead to big savings in tooling, manufacture, materials usage and assembly costs.  We provide the full range of manufacturing services right from product design to finished products. At Gordon Products, we use the latest technology and equipment to create top-quality wireforms. When you are looking for top-quality wireforms, contact Gordon Products. No matter how complex the design or how large the order, our skilled workforce can handle it competently. We offer cost-effective and efficient solutions and ensure the best quality at all times.


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