Premium Quality 110mm Pipe Support

110mm Pipe SupportYou need top-quality 110mm pipe support to ensure that your soil waste management systems function efficiently. At Gordon Products, we have more than 50 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of premium quality wire forms, metal components, sheet metal components, our own brand of standard products for use in pre-cast concrete, construction and insulation sectors. These include pipe supports and pipe support brackets, lifting hooks, void ceiling clips for use in pre-cast beams and block floors, ceiling clips, pigtail screws for fixing insulation materials, etc.  Soil pipes are designed to carry human wastes out of your home/building. This includes any kind of water or other substances in toilets, bidets, urinals etc. Body wastes are disposed of only through these pipes. There are several other types of pipes that run in and out of buildings and it’s important to know the function of each. These pipes are also vented differently. Soil pipes usually run along the outside of buildings and are vented at the roof level. This helps in the safe disposal of methane and other dangerous gases.

Other waste pipes may not require venting and they empty directly into the sewage system. The 110mm pipe support kit is a system designed for pre-cast beams. It consists of pre-galvanized mild steel, folded brackets, M8 studs, pipe support brackets for deep beam, nuts and bolts as required. All these components are manufactured from pre-galvanized mild steel, or zinc plated mild steel. These products have high weathering capability and are available in sync with our other fittings. In the UK, all sanitary ware fittings have to comply with building regulations and standards as applicable.

Using top quality 110mm pipe support ensures that the waste disposal system is well installed, efficient, tough and long-lasting. These pipes are also used in jointing through push-fit method. Contact us for more information. It’s important that construction industry professionals maintain regular consultation with architects and plumbing engineers. This should be done right from the design stage, so that kitchen and bathroom appliances can be arranged in the proper way. This can simplify the sanitary pipework layout. It also keeps costs under strict control.



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