Premium Quality, Purpose-designed 110mm Pipe Support

110 mm soil pipe supportGet premium quality, purpose-designed 110mm pipe support from the specialists. Gordon Products have more than five decades’ experience in supporting a diverse range of industries, including the construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, marine, leisure sectors and various other commercial and engineering applications.  Our greatest strength is our continual investment in people, training and the latest equipment and manufacturing processes. We also manufacture wire forms, wire products, sheet metal products, welded frames, fixtures and assemblies. We have established a reputation for excellent quality, affordable pricing and a customer-centric approach to all projects, no matter how big or small.

While purchasing 110mm pipe support, you need to analyse your design structure, the load and the quality of materials required. Pipe supports help to transfer the load from pipes to supporting structures. This load includes the weight of the pipe itself, fittings and accessories, insulation and coverings, and the contents that it is meant to carry. The support must perform certain basic functions including anchoring the pipe to the building, guiding the direction in which the contents should flow, absorb shock plus support the load. There are different types of loads: primary and secondary, sustained and occasional, and displacement loads. Our highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable design team can give you the right advice and assistance in selecting the right configuration.

While choosing the appropriate 110mm pipe support structure for your needs, there are certain fundamental parameters to be considered. The process design conditions, pipe-construction material, complete data on the different loads, specifications of insulation material if any, thermal and displacement forces, occasional loads caused by wind and other climatic conditions. For assistance with 110mmpipe support, contact Gordon Products.  While drafting the design, it’s important to keep certain other factors in mind. Experts suggest that many pipe designs fail because attention was not paid to certain basic aspects. For instance, when pipes are supported by bare beams or angled supports, a crevice may form between the pipe and the support, leading to rust formation and corrosion. Rubber, neoprene or fibreglass pads haven’t been very effective in preventing this problem. Metal pipe guides can also cause rust when they come into contact with the pipe.


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