Premium Quality Soil Pipe Support

soil pipe supportThere are many pipes that carry water into your home and many that carry wastewater out again but soil pipe support is used on the water that carries soiled water from toilets, bidets and urinals. Bodily waste should only be discarded through soil pipes as these have a different venting system to general wastewater pipes. Soil pipes are vented through the roof so that dangerous methane and other gases can escape into the air whereas waste pipes are simply emptied into the normal sewer system with no ventilation. Our adjustable soil pipe brackets are manufactured for use with precast beam and block floors. We can supply them in any required amount as they are a standard item that we produce along with our other pipe support brackets.

We manufacture standard soil pipe support fittings. The kit comes with two beam brackets and two 110mm pipe clamp brackets. There are one twist bracket plate and two 30mm M8 BZP bolts. To allow for adjustment and fitting we supply a 100mm M8 BZP bolt and a 333mm M8 BZP stud length which can be cut to the required length. We also supply eleven M8 BZP nuts. We have three sizes of support brackets ranging from 15mm deep beam to 225 mm deep beam. The kit provides a drop range from around 160mm to 450mmand the pipe bracket can be rotated through 360 degrees. These brackets are imperative to get the fall angle correct and to properly secure the pipe.

We supply a large range of our own standard manufactured products including soil pipe support brackets. Contact Gordon Products today and enquire about our metal and wire forming products. For over 50 years we have been making metal and wire forms and can manufacture anything you require. All sections of our business take great pride in ensuring a reliable service to our customers. We keep our prices as low as possible as we are aware of the competitive global market that many of our customers face. Our machines are regularly updated to ensure we are using the latest technology and the fastest and most accurate machines.


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