Premium Quality Uniclip Ceiling Clip Range

Uniclip Ceiling Clip RangeGet in touch with Gordon Products to explore our premium quality Uniclip ceiling clip range. Ours is a half-century-old company that specialises in manufacture and supply of wire bending, wire forms and sheet metal components. We support a diverse spectrum of industries, from construction, marine, hospitality, medical, leisure and music to healthcare, insulation and furniture. We handle all aspects of the process, right from design to management and shop floor, to ensure quality products. Our commitment to quality involves staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology, design, innovations, equipment, information and materials. This is combined with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small the project.

We are specialist manufacturers of sheet metal fixings and wire forms, focusing primarily on the construction and precast concrete industries. The Uniclip ceiling clip range is specially designed to fix ceiling battens to concrete beam and block flooring systems. Additionally, they create a clearance void for services and typically run under the precast beam and block flooring systems. These clips ensure that there is no ceiling panel uplift or shift near door openings or other locations. They keep the tiles in place, facilitate transition from drywall to acoustical tiles and also provide a secure attachment surface on one side of the exposed grid. These clips are available in different finishes, sizes and specifications, based on your unique requirements.

Ceiling clips are also known as ceiling mounts and they facilitate the construction of drop ceilings that are hung just under the ceiling joists. This is done in order to facilitate deployment of wires or pipes for lighting, electricity, plumbing or ventilation. In some cases, they’re installed to create certain distinctive architectural ceiling features. These ceilings also help to create a buffer against sounds from floors above that get transmitted to the floors below. Another innovative use of these clips is to use them to hand art, craft, decorations or signs on grid ceilings. They’re a great choice for kids’ rooms, kindergartens, supermarkets and stores. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you. Our void Uniclip ceiling clip range is available in different sizes to match beam profiles and void depth measurements.


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