Premium Quality Wire Bending Services at Affordable Prices

wire bending servicesFor all your needs in wire bending services, contact the specialists.With more than five decades’ experience in this sector, Gordon Products has an extensive product range. We are based in the North West of England and our customer base extends throughout this area and beyond. We employ a dedicated staff of fifty highly trained, experienced and qualified personnel, invest in the latest machinery and techniques and constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills. Cost-effective production, cutting-edge skills, premium quality and competitive pricing are our core values along with complete customer satisfaction. We provide services to a wide range of industries, including construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, marine, medical, and leisure. We offer customised solutions to all these industries based on their specifications, needs and budget. Many of the objects we use in daily life from safety-pins to electrical equipment have a large wire form component in some part of their bodies. These may be tiny parts in musical instruments or huge wire forms in massive suspension bridges.

We perform services in wire bending for a variety of industry-related requirements. CNC wire forming in 2D and 3D shapes, formed from aluminium, steel, stainless steel, bright mild steel, copper, phosphor, bronze, high-carbon, pre-galvanized, and high-tensile steel are some of our products. These wires can be used to form various components like clips, coiled parts, display stands, fittings and fixings, hooks, baskets, or welded wire assemblies. We can transform your ideas into reality, no matter how abstract or unformed they may be. Just give us a rough sketch and your specifications and we can create just what you have in mind. We can provide small sample batch runs and also full scale production, based on your needs and specifications.

The wire forming services provided by Gordon Products are part of our range of services. Contact us today for more information on our wire bending services. Our highly-efficient bending process enables production of medium to high volume wire forms using very short lead times. Manual bending is also available. If you have an express order, we are glad to help you with it. We also provide in-line chamfering, doming and thread cutting to certain specifications.


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