110mm soil pipe support brackets for use with precast beam and block floors

Gordon Products are specialist manufacturers of bent wire form components and sheet metal fixings for the precast concrete and construction industries. Our adjustable soil pipe brackets are used for hanging 110mm service pipes below precast beam & block floors.

Bracket assembly for the support of

90 degree sections of 110mm soil pipes

from concrete T beams. 

Usage as suggested  by the NHBC.

Available in different sizes to suit various beam profiles.

Includes a 333mm length of M8 studding to adjust fall.

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110mm Waste Pipe Support Brackets

Adjustable supports for hanging service pipes from beam & block floors

Standard support suitable for 110mm soil pipes or manufactured to your requirements

Simple clamp fixing to precast beams

Adjustable for height and rotation

Available for all sizes of precast concrete T beams

Download/View PDF Datasheet: