Gordon Products are specialist manufacturers of bent wire components and sheet metal fixings for the precast concrete and construction industries. The UNICLIP is used for the fixing of ceiling battens to precast concrete floors. Suitable for use with beam and block flooring systems. The UNICLIP allows fixing after the blocks have been laid.

For use with precast beam and block flooring systems.

Easy fix, knock in,

Uniclip ceiling clips

for the attachment of battens to concrete T beams.

Available in three sizes to suit differing  beam profiles.

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The UNICLIP – beam and block ceiling clip


Standard Nominal Dimensions:

145mm O/A (suitable for 150-155mm deep beams)
195mm O/A (suitable for 175-200mm deep beams)
225mm O/A (suitable for 225mm deep beams)

Manufactured from:
0.7 – 0.8mm galvanised mild steel



As with all ‘fix-after’ clips, fixing is advised prior to grouting the floor. However, in practice, when used with beam and block floors it is often possible to fix after grouting.

Typical usage – 4-5 clips per square metre.




Download/View PDF Datasheet: