Gordon Products are specialist manufacturers of bent wire form lifting hooks and sheet metal fixings for the precast concrete and construction industries. The lifting hooks are manufactured from high carbon spring wire and cast-in during the manufacture of precast concrete T-beams allowing them to be easily broken free from the moulds when cured.

For use in the casting of

concrete T-beams

to break beams from the moulds once cured.

Available to suit various stressing wire patterns/configurations.

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clip-lift croc-lift


Clip-On Lifting Hooks

Clips securely to the pre-stressing wires

To suit 5 and 7mm diameter
pre-stressing wires and 9.3mm strand



Cross-Over Lifting Hooks

Allows the lifting forces to be applied further down in the mould





Push-In Lifting Hooks

Easily inserted after the concrete has been poured

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