Gordon Products are specialist manufacturers of bent wire components and sheet metal fixings for the precast concrete and construction industries. Our void ceiling clips are used to create voids allowing passage of essential services when using timber battens suspended below precast beam & block floors.

For use with precast beam and block flooring systems.

Easy fix, knock in, Uniclip void forming 

ceiling clips

for the attachment of battens to concrete T beams. 

Creates a void beneath the beam to allow for the running of services etc.

Available in various sizes to suit differing beam profiles and void depth requirements.

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Beam & Block Void Ceiling Clips

Void Clips are manufactured to customers specification

Dimensions A,B & C can be adjusted to suit individual needs

Made from galvanised steel, the void clip has a double thickness of material for extra rigidity

Can be fitted to beam shoulder, between block work or flat slab

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