Professional Wire Bending Services to Meet Your Requirements

wire bendingUsing wire bending in production is one of the ways you can cut costs. With our state of the art CNC wire form machines we can produce almost any shape you desire. If you have a sketch of the component you need or a sample of the product we can manufacture it for you. If the product is new in your manufacturing process we can make samples for you to try. We will then hone the design until we have the exact shape and size you need. Once we have all the criteria we can then make you as many as you need for your manufacturing process.

There are so many components that can be made of wire. Wire bending can be done in any wire between 1mm and 12mm. We work in many different materials including bright mild steel, pre galvanised, high tensile and stainless steel of grades 302, 304 and 316. We can also manufacture items out of copper wire and phosphor bronze. You may need thousands of tiny wire parts for manufacturing your product and we can supply them at an affordable price. We can also build individual components into welded assemblies and offer a wide range of finishes including powder coating, plastic coating, anodising, electro-polishing and zinc plating. The material used to manufacture the items depends on your individual requirements.

We offer wire bending, wire forms, wire components, wirework and all types of wire fabrication and wire assemblies as well as all types of sheet metal components. Contact Gordon products today or visit our factory to discuss your requirements with our experienced team. Our CNC operators have years of experience in programming the machines to make even the most complicated wire form or wire bending item. They have infinite patience and dedication to producing the perfect part for your manufacturing system. We will also be able to help you in choosing the right material and finish for your product. This largely depends on how and where it will be used.


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