Professionally Manufactured Wireforms to your Specifications

wireformsWe manufacture component parts so if you need wireforms, rest assured we can assist. Wire is a wonderful material and is very versatile.  We use wire that ranges in diameter from 1mm to 12mm in a number of different materials. We offer items in stainless steel, bright mild steel, spring steel, copper and many other materials.  All we need from you is a drawing or a sketch and we will make prototypes for you to test. If you have a working sample we can duplicate it quickly and perfectly. We can run any number of them that you require from a small run of a hundred up to many thousands if needed. They can be finished off in a number of ways including powder coating, plastic coating anodising and hot dip galvanising to name but a few.

Many different industries use small parts to enable their products to work. Wireforms are one of our main products manufacturing the shape you need is as easy as visiting our factory. There are many small items that a big factory does not feel financially justified in making themselves and it is cheaper to outsource them. We have built up our company on making small and sometimes very complicated wire forms for other businesses. These in themselves appear insignificant but are frequently one of the important parts of a product. We can often save businesses money by replacing metal sheet components with wireforms.

Our factory is equipped with the latest CNC machines so manufacturing wireforms in any shape size and quantity is easy. Contact Gordon Products today and we can help you design almost any part you need out of wire.  We have over 50 years of experience and state of the art CNC machines to make any part no matter how complicated the design. Our designers are expert at creating products that can save you money and time. We take enormous pride in our responsible and reliable service and pay great attention to detail. Our continued investment in the latest machinery makes for cost-effective production and consistent quality. We employ around 50 staff and can take on the largest or smallest projects with ease.


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