Quality 90 Degree Pipe Support Brackets at Affordable Prices

90 Degree Pipe SupportAt Gordon Products, we manufacture 90 degree pipe support brackets as one of our own brands of products. Such products are used primarily in industries such as insulation, construction and precast concrete. Pipe support brackets are one of several products for which there is continuous demand. Contractors need a ready supply of this industry staple which is why we manufacture them on a steady schedule so we can always fill orders for them quickly. This keeps the buyers cost down as well. Our company is conscientious about costs for all our products and we manage our company to meet the contractors need for quality products, on time at the lowest possible price. Our manufacturing and management procedures have served us and our customers well for over 50 years.

During our more than fifty-year history, Gordon Products has continuously expanded the manufacture of diverse products to meet industry demands. Among our own brand products, 90 degree pipe support brackets is part of a list that includes single, adjustable, block fix and T bar fix support brackets. We supply wire products, sheet metal products, wire formed parts and assemblies for countless industries. When only a unique design will get the job done we are fully equipped to provide the product you need. If you have a design or just an idea, our designers will create a workable solution for you. We invest in the latest technology because it saves us and our customers’ time and money. So for your specialised product, we can design and set up a manufacturing run efficiently.

Our 90 degree pipe support brackets are manufactured to 155, 175, or 225 deep beams. We use pre-galvanized mild steel or mild steel with zinc plated. However, if you require higher corrosive protection we can supply our 90 degree pipe support brackets in stainless steel. Our brackets are shipped in kits containing all the necessary components and instruction diagram. We make easy, on the job installation, a priority. Contact Gordon Products and tell us what you need, the quantity and your deadline. Expect your order to be completed and delivered as promised with no excuses at the lowest possible price.


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