Sheet Metal Components in Liverpool

Sheet Metal Components in Liverpool Sheet metal components in Liverpool are cut for the building of metal machines and structures. At Gordon Products, we cater for a host of engineering needs for many different industries. From sheet metal shields, cabinets, mounts, frames, brackets, consoles and more, at Gordon Products we provide accurate metal sheet parts. Our experienced team, our modern facilities and our equipment all combine together so that we can provide our customers with accurate prototype parts. Laser cutters controlled by CNC computer systems ensure the most advanced cutting techniques because of high precision and cost-effectiveness. Even the tiniest detail isn’t a problem and this means we can cut complex designs and sharp angles.

Just think of the medical world. Fine machining is essential to produce instruments of outstanding quality. In Liverpool, sheet metal components are manufactured and cut to ensure we cater for all our various customers in different industries. Examples of components supplied by us include painting and decorating accessories, specialist pressed steel fixings and lightweight aluminium brackets. We’re all about quality products, the best prices, and products that are delivered on time. We are experienced in sheet metal. We know how important it is when working with sheet metal is deciding what thicknesses we’ll need.

Sheet metal components in Liverpool are made by an experienced team. If you need sheet metal components and would like more information, contact Gordon Products. We know that speed and precision are important to every industry. We’ve recently celebrated our 50th anniversary and our ‘can do’ attitude means we’ll be here for another 50 years. We’re always investing in the latest equipment and machinery to ensure we’re constantly giving our customers the quality products they’re accustomed to. Thanks to our skilled design team and CNC programmers and toolmakers, we have an excellent track record of developing new wire form products with our in-house tool and jig making facilities. We are fully equipped to make the ideas of all our customers in every kind of industry become a reality.


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