Sheet Metal Components in Sheffield

Sheet Metal Components in SheffieldWe carry all kinds of sheet metal components in Sheffield at Gordon Products. Our facility has the advanced technology needed for the highest quality sheet metal for a good price. Using a new system that uses CNC punching and press braking, and along with our expert CAD workers, we have the capability to provide you with any component that you could want. The manufacture and creation of parts using Mig, Tig, and spot welding is also efficiently done by our team. We can do any size batch, and we can do any materials including steel, stainless, and aluminum, all in coiled or sheet form.

For your business in Sheffield and sheet metal components are needed, Gordon Products has everything you need. For over 50 years we have been providing quality sheet metal, wire forms, and other products. We care about the important details in every aspect of our business. Our large staff of professionals will respond quickly to all of your requirements. We have been providing materials and products to multiple sectors including medical, marine, construction, and many more. We can supply what you need to any specifications that you give to us. Our advanced machines and software allows us to provide your products with extreme precision for a great price.

Buying sheet metal components in Sheffield is made easy at Gordon Products. We can take your existing parts and produce them with the least cost possible. Problems can be solved with our advice on your design and application. For more information about sheet metal components and how we can help you, contact Gordon Products today. We will give you a quotation for your sheet metal needs very quickly. We also deliver our products in a timely manner, so you don’t need to worry about stopping your project to wait for parts. Our whole process is carefully managed in order to save you money in the end. Get an estimate on the production of your components today.



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