Sheet Metal Components in Warrington

Sheet Metal Components in WarringtonIn today’s world, keeping up with technology for manufacturing sheet metal components in Warrington is critical. We at Gordon Products have been in business since 1965. If we didn’t believe in new technology, we would not still be in business today because since 1965, just about everything has changed. Our latest new equipment investment allow us to control the size of our batch runs and increase the materials we can work with. That investment lowers our production costs which lowers the price our customers pay and ultimately the price the end user pays. If you need a new product design component, let us know. We are equipped to design the pieces and manufacture the component that will allow your product to function as needed.

A cynic might say we would never pass along manufacturer savings to customers but instead increase our own profits. If that were true, in Warrington, sheet metal components produced by Gordon Products would carry the highest price and we would be out of business. Our prices are competitive and our profit margin strong. However, our reputation goes beyond price to include the fastest and friendliest customer service and a product whose quality you can count on. Good business practices creates a success that is contagious and creates an ideal climate for doing business. Ours is a moderate sized organisation which means our customers do not get lost in the system and we can still provide a personal touch.

Gordon Products manufactures sheet metal components in Warrington that meet our required formula for success. High quality delivered on time at a fair price. We supply a broad range of industries including hi-tech, construction, medical, recreational and more with the components they need to manufacture their products. Ours is a state of the art facility with which we can also offer light manufacturing of products and fabrication. Call us at Gordon Products and let’s talk about your needed sheet metal components. You can rely on our professional services for consistently fine quality parts for your products. We know on time delivery is critical to keep production up and running. Count on us for the reliability you need to meet your deadlines.


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