Single Pipe Support Bracket Expertly Manufactured for the Precast Concrete, Construction and Insulation Sectors

Single Pipe Support Bracket pipe We manufacture a range of own brand standard products for use in the precast concrete, construction and insulation sectors and this includes single pipe support bracket kits. These have been designed to be used to hold pipe of 110mm diameter. There are three different sizes of pipe support for various size precast beams. These are for standard sized beams of 155mm deep beam, 175mm deep beam and 225mm deep beam. The kit includes two beam brackets, one 110mm pipe clamp bracket, one 30mm M8 BZP bolt, one 100,, M8 BZP bolt and one 333mm M8 BZP stud length.

Among our standard products are 90 degree 110mm pipe support brackets as well as the 110mm single pipe support bracket. We also supply lifting hooks for use in the casting of concrete T beams. Our spiral pigtail screws for fixing of insulation materials is another of our standard own brand products. We manufacture ceiling clips for use with precast beam and block flooring systems. Our void ceiling clips are for use with precast beam and block floors. We will also create any part for inclusion in your manufactured products. Our latest state of the art machines are frequently upgraded to ensure we are at the cutting edge of technology.

Our expertise and experience of the past 50 years has allowed us to offer some of the most innovative designs, such as the single pipe support bracket at very reasonable prices. There are many ways that we can help you cut costs in your material use. Contact Gordon Products today for our standard own brand products or bring us a sample of the item you need and we will manufacture as many as you need. We make almost anything from wire and use wire forming to create affordable items to be assembled into other manufactured products. Sheet metal products and welded frames, fixtures and assemblies can be designed to replace more expensive parts with our CNC machines. Our CNC operators are expert at designing the perfect parts for the construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, medical and marine industries.


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