Single Pipe Support for the Construction Industry

single pipe supportOur single pipe support bracket kit is ideal for the construction industry as we manufacture it to be used in different combinations. Each kit contains 2 x 2mm pre-galvanised mild steel folded brackets that clamp around the beam and fix with an M8 x 100mm bolt and 3 nuts. The kit also contains a 110mm pipe clamp bracket and one 30mm M8 BZP bolt, a 100mm M8 BZP bolt and a 333mm M8 BZP stud length that can be cut to size. There are 8 M8 BZP nuts included. Much of our business deals with shaping wire products, wire formed parts, sheet metal products and welded frames. We can design and manufacture any item needed for cost effective product assembly.

We manufacture a range of own brand products including our single pipe support for use in the pre-cast concrete, construction and insulation sectors. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2015 and over the years have grown from strength to strength. This has a lot to do with our reliable service and attention to detail. We are also very conscious of the fact that prices must be kept as low as possible in today’s global market. We have continued to invest in the latest machinery which gives us an edge in pricing, production and consistent quality. We have a large enough workforce to deal with both very large projects and one off items.

We supply single pipe support brackets complete with all the necessary parts to fasten them securely onto concrete beams. The kit has a drop range from around 160mm to 450mm depending on the installation requirements. The pipe bracket is suitable for a 110mm soil pipe and can be rotated through 360 degrees. Contact Gordon Products today to order any of our standard own brand products. We also supply spiral pigtail screws for fixing of insulation material and ceiling clips for use with precast beams and block floor systems. We manufacture void ceiling clips for use with precast beams and block floors as well as 90 degree 110mm pipe support brackets. Our lifting hooks are for use in the casting of concrete T beams.


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