Single Pipe Support that Ticks All the Right Boxes

 Pipe SupportAmong our standard products at Gordon Products are the single pipe support configurations that are essential to the construction industry including the insulation and concrete sectors. These are products along with many others, that we manufacture ourselves and supply to our customers at the best possible price. We know profit margins are slim so our goal is to produce high-quality products at fair prices and deliver them on time every time. By supplying our customers with the materials they need at prices they can afford we have established and maintained an enviable reputation within the industry for over fifty years. In today’s global marketplace, we know customer satisfaction is crucial. So, just as we always have, we aim to tick every box to bring our customers that satisfaction.

We design and manufacture our standard wire formed parts, fixtures and assemblies for every industry. The use of single pipe support assemblies is one of many standards but we also custom design and manufacture the product you need. If you have a design, we’ll use that but if you don’t we’ll design a part that works as you need it to. Our design engineers are highly skilled. Our standard single pipe support products are designed and manufactured to support 110mm soil pipes. We stock single pipe brackets, 90-degree brackets, T-Bar, block fixing and bridge type pipe support. These are products you don’t want to run short on in the middle of a project. We can keep you supplied with as little fluctuation in price as possible.

Gordon Products, whether manufacturing and supplying single pipe support or one many other products, is conscientious about the operation of all aspects of our business operations. We invest in the latest technology, machinery and staff for the most cost-effective operation possible. However, we keep a tight lid on waste because that’s how we keep our quality high, our prices low and our customers happy. Contact Gordon Products and talk to us about your single pipe support inventory needs. We can up our production to keep up with your demands with just a phone call. We have a fine turned operation refined for over fifty years. Put us to work for you and know you’ll always get the best products, prices and reliable customer service.


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