Single Pipe Support to Meet Your Needs

Single Pipe SupportA single pipe support is a simple product created in various sizes for the purpose of supporting a pipe through which a product in liquid form flows. The pipe support secures the pipe to the main structure such as a concrete beam so the weight of the liquid is transferred to the beam. Once the pipe support is secured to the structure, the structure supports the weight, not the pipe. Although most industries benefit from the transference of the weight from the pipe to the beam, it’s usually the construction contractors installing the actual system. So, they need a reliable resource from which to acquire huge quantities of single pipe supports for different diameter and weight of pipes. They need strong secure supports, manufactured and delivered on schedule at an affordable price.

Gordon Products is committed to customer satisfaction throughout a wide range of industries. Single pipe supports is one of our standard products which we manufacture and make available in designated quantities for regularly scheduled orders or for quick emergency supply between standard orders. We always have them available. We manufacture sire products, wire formed parts, welded frames, sheet metal products and fixtures. We can also assemble the components. Some products, like the single pipe support is standard and others are specially designed and manufactured to specifications from our customer designers or our own designers.

The origination and manufacture of that single pipe support and the reliability to fulfil its purpose is dependent on the standards we set over 50 years ago at Gordon Products. Our clients receive our undivided attention and an immediate reliable response with a conscientious attention to the details. So many industries are working on a thin profit margin so to be of use to them we have to achieve high levels of customer service at a moderate price. Through purpose driven management throughout all of our operations we achieve that goal. Contact Gordon Products when you need top quality single pipe support. We don’t cut corners in quality of design, materials or up to date equipment. We do cut waste to the bone everywhere in our operation. In that way, we can give our customers the low price they need.


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