Specialist Bent Wire Forming for any Industry using CNC

bent wireGordon Products offers state-of-the-art CNC for bent wire forming. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which means we can program a machine to bend wire according to specified configurations using computer software. Our manufacturing business machines wire forms to fit any need. If the form has not yet been designed, bring us your drawing or a prototype and our staff designers will work with it until it’s perfect. We can mass produce to the quantity you require. We are set up to undertake one time orders or ongoing supply and the orders can be small, large or in between. Our wire components can be included in fabricated and welded assemblies. We are specialists with over fifty years in the business. We run our business efficiently because watching our bottom line helps keep your prices down.

Wire forms or finished, shaped wire can take almost any form and range in size from small to large. When wire, bent or shaped from spools is configured to fit a specific use; that use is usually as one part of a whole. The application is so versatile the wire components are found in almost every industry made from steel and steel alloys, stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminium. Once this work was painstakingly undertaken by hand but our cutting edge computerised machines increase production speeds giving us the flexibility to work with a shorter lead time. The speed with which we can work produces large quantities in a short time to meet the demands. Once the machine is tooled according to the specifications, every component will be perfectly bent.

Gordon Products produces bent wire components for nearly every industry but we never forget the work undertaken must be at a price attractive to our customers. Price isn’t the whole story though; manufacturers need their components  to be perfect and delivery must be reliable. We have that down to a science at Gordon Products. We frequently review our procedures for ways to be ever more efficient. Contact Gordon Products and schedule a meeting with our staff. If you are having trouble finding a bent wire component to work with your product, our designers may need only to reconfigure an existing component to make it work for you. You can be confident that you are working with a team of experienced professionals you can rely on.


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