Specifically Designed and Expertly Manufactured Soil Pipe Support

Soil Pipe SupportGet top-quality soil pipe support and allied products from Gordon Products. We are specialists in designing and manufacturing premium quality wire forms, metal components, screws, clips, fasteners, hooks, and pipe support brackets. We are proud of our more than half a century’s experience in manufacture and supply of a variety of CNC products, fabrications and assemblies for a range of clients. Products manufactured by us are available in a range of materials like mild steel, pre-galvanised, high carbon, high tensile steel, stainless steel, copper, phosphor and bronze. We create bespoke products based on the client’s requirements and specifications. Often, they may give us just a rough sketch or design concept which our skilled team can transform into high-quality finished products.

Soil vent pipes (SVP) are pipes that run vertically from the underground drainage system to the top of the building above the gutter level. Generally made from plastic nowadays, older buildings have SVPs made from cast iron or galvanised iron. They’re used to transport waste from upper floor baths, toilets, sinks and vents are installed to allow smells and foul odors to escape into the atmosphere. Vents can also allow oxygen to enter the pipes. Soil pipe supports help to hold these SVPs in place and ensure proper flow of the waste matter. Gordon Products specialise in manufacture of sheet metal fixings for the construction industry. These components include soil pipe supports specially designed to support vertically or horizontally aligned and suspended pipeworks.

We maintain a large inventory of soil pipe support accessories and fittings. They are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and designs. We can also design, manufacture and supply customised products based on your requirements and budget. We are proud of our reputation for quick and reliable response time. For more information about our soil pipe supports, contact Gordon Products. All our products are manufactured to current British Standards. Customers can also colour match them to the pipes so that they blend well into the architecture. Our top-quality pipe fittings are durable and can withstand a wide variety of temperatures, pressures and weathering. All our products are cost-effective too.


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