Spiral Pig Tail Screws for Fire Protection of Structural Steelwork

Spiral Pig Tail ScrewsIf you need bent wire products like spiral pig tail screws, Gordon Products is the place to contact. We are specialist manufacturers of sheet metal fixing and other wire components. Our product lines include wire forms such as coiled parts, clips, display stands, hooks, fittings and fixings, welded wire fabricated assemblies and baskets. We also make metal components like painting accessories, fixtures for boat construction, fabricated jibs and precision components for the electronics industry. Our design and manufacturing process always yields top quality products that meet all standards. We use the best materials for our components to optimise performance and durability. From stainless steel to aluminium, we use several materials in the manufacture of our wire and metal fixtures.

If you want to put insulation in your house, you cannot do without spiral pig tail screws. Pig tail screws are simple components that perform the hard task of fixing mineral fibre boards and other components of insulation. The screws provide strong support and hold fixtures in place. All our pig tail screws are designed to precision. They are made from top quality materials and produced to serve specific needs. Whether you want a 50mm spiral pigtail screw or a 90mm screw, we have you covered. We supply a wide variety of pigtail screws in different packs to meet your requirements. All our components are safe for use in several applications.

Gordon Products supplies top quality spiral pig tail screws and there is no demand too high for the company to meet. With over 50 years in the business, you can be certain we have adopted the best manufacturing strategies and refined our products. We stand out among competitors due to our commitment to supplying the quality fixtures at affordable prices. Our staff also offers friendly services that are efficient, responsive and reliable. We employ a staff of about 50 trained personnel who ensure every client is served. Call us today for spiral pigtail screws and many more metal components. If you need a wire or metal component, we have it.


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