Strong, Hardwearing, Top-quality Soil Pipe Support

soil pipe supportFor strong, hardwearing, top-quality soil pipe support, get in touch with Gordon Products. We offer a comprehensive range of pipe support brackets and accessories to meet all your requirements. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, our highly-trained, experienced and dedicated team can give you the right advice and assistance. We are a 50+-year-old company, offering a diverse range of metal and wire form products, sheet metal products, welded frames, fixtures, assemblies, etc. Our client base includes sectors like construction, healthcare, insulation, furniture, marine, leisure, and more. No matter how big or small your requirement, we’re glad to help you with it. We offer end-to-end services, right from design and planning to manufacture and delivery.

Soil pipe supports help to buttress soil vent pipes. These pipes are also known as soil stack pipes, drain vents, waste vents, ventilated discharge pipes etc. They are vertical pipes that carry sewage and waste/grey water from buildings. They may be fitted internally but are attached to the external portion of the building and are connected to the underground drainage system. Their function is to remove waste water and other waste from toilets, showers, tubs,  bathrooms, and sinks and at the same time, enable gases and foul odours to be released over the building through a stack vent. They have to be positioned correctly to avoid backflow and reverse siphoning. These pipes were traditionally manufactured from cast iron, metal, ceramic, concrete or galvanized steel but modern pipes are usually made of uPVC. Metal pipes required laborious work to install them, as they had to be threaded and welded together. Damage repairs were cumbersome, expensive and labour-intensive.  Plastic and PVC piping systems that were introduced in the 1930s have proved highly beneficial in terms of costs, durability and quality.

Our soil pipe supports help to keep these pipes properly aligned, vibration free and anchored to the building. Otherwise, they may sag or move out of alignment, causing blocks and flooding. If you are looking for top quality soil pipe support, contact Gordon Products. Based on the length, diameter, function and thickness of the pipe, we can suggest the right type of supports to meet your unique requirements and budget.


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