Sturdy, Premium Quality Soil Pipe Support for Your Project

soil pipe supportTop quality soil pipe support products are available from Gordon Products. We have more than half a century’s experience in design, manufacture and supply of wire forms, metal components, pipe support brackets, lifting hooks, pigtail screws, etc. Most of these are used in pre-cast concrete, construction and insulation sectors. Being a local business, we ensure that we understand the trends, needs, preferences and budget of our clients thoroughly. Most of our business comes to us via word of mouth recommendations from satisfied clients. No matter how big or small the project we are delighted to provide the right advice and assistance. Our highly experienced team of trained professionals can undertake a range of projects to suite your unique requirements.

Soil pipe supports or pipe hangers are an essential building/construction industry component. They are designed to transfer loads from pipes to the supporting structures. Loads comprise the weight of the pipe itself including all fittings and accessories, the contents and the pipe coverings such as insulation. These supports help to anchor the pipe to the building, guide its direction, and absorb shocks and also to support the particular type of load they’re supposed to carry. Soil pipes are pipes that convey wastewater and sewage from the toilets and sinks in the building to a soil drain or a sewer. They are different from waste pipes that carry only water and other liquids. The soil pipe carries soiled waste from the toilet and urinals. These are vented differently from normal waste pipes as they are of a different dimension and vented to prevent build-up of harmful gases. They can carry waste from the upper floors directly into the underground drainage system.

Older properties may have separate soil and waste pipes while many newer ones have a single system of wastewater drainage. Whatever the system, the right soil pipe supports are essential to keep the pipe firmly in place and ensure that it is configured correctly. Pipes may have primary, sustained, occasional loads apart from secondary loads that occur due to pipe expansion. When you are looking for quality soil pipe supports, contact us. Supports include rigid support, spring support and snubber/shock absorber types.


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