Superior Wire Bending Services for Any Manufacturing Industry

wire bending servicesWe offer wire bending services for the full range of manufacturing industries. We believe satisfied customers is the secret to business longevity. Our shop has been operating for over 50 years, so we are certain our point is proven. Of course, to make that work we have to know what it takes for customers to feel satisfied. We are known for our can-do attitude because sometimes even we get stumped but we always figure out how to get it right. Giving up is not an option; it’s an opportunity to show what we’re made of. Everybody knows you have to spend money to make money but we are very clear about where the money needs to be spent. Our wire forming capabilities are the result of shrewd investment in technology and technicians.

We want to offer our clients superior products and service but we know it has to be at a price that allows for their profit. We’re all here to make things through wire bending services and make money doing so. Here at Gordon Products we have achieved that goal and valued our employees while eliminating waste with intelligent management. We provide consistent quality and dependable delivery at competitive prices by finding our ideal staff size. Still, we can put out any size order you need. We all work smart and trim so we can compete in a global marketplace without sacrificing customer or employee satisfaction.  Every detail is attended to. You want to put in an order and know it will be there when you need it and that’s the promise we make.

Show us a sketch or prototype of a new wire form and our wire bending services will create it for you, If you need a component, talk to our designers and we’ll help you make a wire form to get the job done. No matter the industry, somewhere there is a wire form component needed to make a product functional. Contact Gordon Products for fine wire bending in stainless, copper, bronze, high tensile, galvanised and bright steel. You will have our full attention as we ensure we get our information correct. The result of our attentiveness is wire bending services done right the first time and on time at the right price. We want to make sure all of our customers’ expectations are met. Count on us.


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