Pipe Support, Perfectly Designed and Manufactured to Your Requirements

When you need top quality pipe support brackets, remember Gordon Products.

Pipe Support Expertly Manufactured to Meet your Requirements

If you are looking for quality pipe support, speak to Gordon Products.

Strong, Durable and Expertly Manufactured Pipe Support for Your Building Needs

Looking for a supplier of pipe support components to your specification?

Quality Pipe Support for Your Construction Project

We supply a wide range of own manufactured products including single pipe support brackets.

Premium Quality Pipe Support for Your Building Project

An essential installation when laying the plumbing of a house is the pipe support.

Top Quality Pipe Support to Meet Your Needs

If you are looking for top-quality pipe support, Gordon Products has what you need. This structure will ensure the integrity of the pipes, ensuring they stay free from harm by safely securing them to the structure they are attached to. Pipes are an important component in any sector, providing a pathway for water to pass through so that that water can be used in its various capacities. Whether placed underground or up against a building wall, pipes and pipe supports are manufactured complementary to each other, with different size and characteristic pipes requiring certain pipe supports that will work hand in hand with the characteristic of the pipe itself, including more »

Single Pipe Support that Ticks All the Right Boxes

Among our standard products at Gordon Products are the single pipe support configurations that are essential to the construction industry including the insulation and concrete sectors. These are products along with many others, that we manufacture ourselves and supply to our customers at the best possible price. We know profit margins are slim so our goal is to produce high-quality products at fair prices and deliver them on time every time. By supplying our customers with the materials they need at prices they can afford we have established and maintained an enviable reputation within the industry for over fifty years. In today’s global marketplace, we know customer satisfaction is crucial. more »

Need Premium Quality Pipe Support?

A pipe support is central to any plumbing system. Pipes offer the single most important conduits for supplying water to a building and directing wastewater out to the drains. The piping system of a house is designed depending on the size of the house and the water requirements of the building. Moreover, the system also takes into consideration the weather conditions in the area. A buildings piping system includes both exterior and interior piping systems. The interior pipes run through bathrooms, sinks, showers and kitchens. The exterior pipes cover the sewage drains, water tanks, and council water supply. All these pipes have different structural characteristics that define their function. A more »

Soil Pipe Support Brackets to Meet Your Needs

Before you start to work on the pipes exiting your home, it’s good to distinguish between the different types of pipes and get the exact soil pipe support that you need. While pipes may all look the same – they certainly do – each of them has their own function and is used for a different task. Soil pipes are different from waste pipes – they carry waste from toilets or bidets to the sewer. They are built to a specific size so as to allow solid wastes to pass through clearly, and they are generally vented near the top of a building to allow any gases produced to safely more »

Pipe Support Suited to Multiple Configurations

Regardless of what you run through pipe, your system is only as good as the pipe support. If that support needs to be suspended above ground level the right support brackets for the size and weight it must carry is essential. Each industry needs a reliable supply source to keep them stocked so there is no interruption in workflow due to supply shortages. Gordon Products has been manufacturing standard and custom pipe supports for over fifty years. Our focus has been the same as that of our customers; dependable quality supplies delivered on time at the right price. We achieve that goal through a management plan that eliminates waste to more »