Top Class Wire Bending Services to Meet Your Specific Requirements

wire bendingContact Gordon Products for your top-quality wire bending requirements. We have more than half a century’s experience in this sector and today, we’re proud that most of our business comes to us via recommendations from satisfied clients. We attribute this to our “can do” attitude, customer-centric approach, affordable pricing and premium quality workmanship. Each and every one of our staff is highly-qualified, trained and experienced in their area of expertise. They have imbibed the organizational culture of meticulous attention to detail, so no product moves out of our premises unless and until it passes our rigorous quality control procedures. We believe that our products are the responsibility of everyone from management to shop floor. Another important aspect of our customer appeal is our sensible, practical approach to pricing. We adopt a careful approach to costing and pass the benefits on to our clients.

Clients may require low or high volume batch production, assembly fabrications, finishing in different materials like powder coating, BZP, or chrome. Wire bending production from our manufacturing unit is tailored to meet your specifications, needs and design. You can give us a rough sample of what you want and we can provide the finished product accordingly. We offer bespoke solutions and professional finishing of three-dimensional wire forms too. Turnaround times are quite swift, depending on the design and batch sizes. Initially, wire forms were used extensively to make different types of components for industries like the automotive industry. These forms were also used to create various accessories like safety-pins, and musical instrument parts. Today, wire forms are used in a much larger variety of applications, ranging from the construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, medical, marine, agricultural, to the leisure industry and many other industrial/commercial sectors.

We create a variety of wire bending forms from flat, round, square or rectangular wires. Should you need more information about our wire bending services, contact Gordon Products. Because of our long years of experience in this sector, we can collaborate with a variety of industries for custom forming component prototypes, fabrications, finishing and assembly solutions. These are completed with 100% accuracy. We can translate any of your design ideas into reality.



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