Top Quality 110mm Pipe Support for Your Construction Needs

110 mm Pipe Support It is essential that you provide 110mm pipe support systems for soil pipes in any residential or commercial building today.  Soil pipes are designed to carry sewage and wastewater from your toilets to the external sewer system. While these pipes have thick walls to prevent holes forming, they may need extra structural support when they are loaded. Without the appropriate support, the pipe joints can break. Some of the most common weak points are 90-degree joints where the pipes need to follow the corners of the building. The number of structural pipe support systems you need increases with the complexity of your building design.

If these soil pipes break, they can cause a biohazard that puts everyone in the building at risk of infection. Our 110mm pipe support consists of a bracket assembly that can be mounted on a range of concrete load-bearing members. These include T-beams, T-bars and concrete block floors. Our most popular pipe support applications are for standard straight pipes and 90-degree sections. We also have adjustable bridge pipe brackets for piping systems that need regular lateral adjustment. All our support brackets are equipped with 333mm long M8 studding for adjustments.

If you are looking for lasting reliable 110mm pipe support for your soil pipes then consider using our products. Established in 1965, our customer-first attitude and dedication to quality have kept us in business for more than half a century. We currently employ about 50 employees all with the same commitment to customer satisfaction. We can offer affordable rates for our products because we have invested in the latest cost-effective technology in the industry. Our product management expertise and experience in the field helps us to control a range of factors that can increase our production costs. These include internal logistics, distribution networks, supply chain management and other overhead expenses. Contact Gordon Products now for more information on our rates and services. Our team is well trained to guide you throughout options until a solution that suits you is found.


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