Top Quality Beam Clips, Available at the Right Price

beam clipsWhen you choose Gordon Products as your supplier of beam clips you can count on receiving the right quantity, as scheduled and at the lowest possible price. For over 55 years, we have manufactured and supplied wire forms as well as wire bending and sheet metal components. That kind of longevity does not come without a commitment to and understanding of our customers. We successfully compete in the global marketplace using cost saving management skills, investing in the latest cost effective technology. We supply all industries including the building and construction industries.  A reliable and steady supply of consistently high quality beam clips and other standard wire forms at the right price is what our reputation is based on. 

You will find that we are quick to respond to our customers’ needs at Gordon Products. Whether it’s your request for standard products like beam clips, the need for a special design, or the manufacture of your own designed product, our company will deliver. Our uniclip ceiling clip range is used primarily for precast beam and block flooring systems for the attachment of battens to concrete T beams. We supply them in three sizes for the different beam types.  These clips are manufactured from 0.7-0.8 mm galvanised mild steel with unique barbs for a good grip. The legs of the clip help for temporary support making an easy fix. 

When you need a void under the beam for running services, use our void forming ceiling beam clips. They are suited to precast beam and block flooring. These too are available in various sizes. We manufacture them from 1.0-0.8 mm galvanised mild steel to British Standards; EN 10326:2004. The straps are 75mm perforated to fix battens. The void depth is standard sizes at 55, 75, 100, 125, 150 & 200mm but we can customise to suit the depth you require. These clips are easy knock in and easy fix. Contact Gordon Products and we’ll give you a price quote and delivery date you can count on. We manufacture a full range of standard wire formed and sheet metal components. Let us know if you need modifications to any of our standard forms. 


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