Top Quality Pipe Support Brackets From the Suppliers You Can Rely On

 pipe supportAmong the standard products we at Gordon Products supply to the construction industry is pipe support. Our 110mm for single soil pipe support brackets for precast beams at depths of 155 , 175 or 225 deep beams. The kit contains one 30mm and one 100mm M8 BZP bolt, a 110 pipe clamp bracket, 2 beam brackets, one 333mm M8 BZP stud length Nd 8 M8 BZP nuts. All components are galvanized steel or  zinc plated mild steel. Our 110mm 90 degree brackets for precast beams kit contains two each of beam brackets 110 pipe clamp bracket, 30mm M* BZP bolts and one each twist bracket plate,100mm M8 BZP bolt 333, M8 BZP stud length and eleven M* BZP nuts. All are galvanized or zinc plated mild steel. Gordon Products can supply the quantity you need reliably and cost effectively.

We operate with efficiency on every level of production whether it’s our own products or your custom designed products. We are uniquely sized for efficiency whether manufacturing large or small orders. Our capabilities are sufficient for large orders but our factory is ideally sized for personal client attention. These are qualities that keep our costs down and therefore your costs down. Yet, we don’t have to sacrifice service or quality. All we give up is the waste. Our company has been operating according to these standards for over fifty years. Investing in the latest available technology and staff training continues to improve our productivity without unnecessarily increasing costs.

Gordon Products manufacture and supply wire forms and sheet metal components including pipe support for nearly every industry. Our components are found in essential products for healthcare, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and many more. We take pride in being the link that holds it all together. Whatever you need, contact us and tell us about it. Do you have an idea for a new component, we can help you design it and do a short run to see how it goes. Our experience serves us well when it comes to new ideas and redoing old ideas to make them useful today. Everyone needs a supplier they can count on and Gordon Products is that supplier for our clients.


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