Top Quality Pipe Support to Meet Your Needs

 Pipe SupportIf you are looking for top-quality pipe support, Gordon Products has what you need. This structure will ensure the integrity of the pipes, ensuring they stay free from harm by safely securing them to the structure they are attached to. Pipes are an important component in any sector, providing a pathway for water to pass through so that that water can be used in its various capacities. Whether placed underground or up against a building wall, pipes and pipe supports are manufactured complementary to each other, with different size and characteristic pipes requiring certain pipe supports that will work hand in hand with the characteristic of the pipe itself, including the material used. You can find the best pipe supports at Gordon Products.

We have a commitment to customer satisfaction and a can-do attitude that has enabled us to gain and keep our reputation in the industry. Pipe support needs are met and satisfied depending on the customer’s requirements. We have various supports in stock, each applicable to certain situations. We have a pipe support bracket and a pipe support bracket-90 degree and the bridge type that are perfect for use in order to support pipes from concrete T beams or any other usage that has been suggested by the NHBC. The block fixing type is suitable to use to support pipes from deep concrete block floors. The above types include a 333mm length of M8 studding to adjust fall. The T bar is used where clamping to the beam geometry is restricted and can be built to the floor structure itself. We stock a variety in order to ensure you can find what you’re looking for.

If you’re not quite sure the type of pipe support you require, we’ll offer expert advice and help you choose the perfect type for the job at hand. We offer a friendly, reliable service to all customers in various sectors. Contact Gordon Products for pipe support structures that will suit your needs. We manufacture and supply other products such as wire bending, wire forms and sheet metal components. Thanks to our continued investment in the latest machinery, we can offer quality products at quality prices.


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