Top Quality Single Pipe Support Bracket For Your Needs

Single Pipe Support Bracket We manufacture a standard single pipe support bracket kit for precast beams. Each kit comes complete with two beam brackets which are pre-galvanised mild steel folded brackets which clamp around the beam and are fixed using nuts and bolts. This secures the position of the bracket around the beam. There are three different types for 155mm deep beam, 175mm deep beam and a 225mm deep beam. There are different ways of attaching the pipe clamp according to requirements. If the pipe is fixed close to the beam the stud can be cut to size. It gives a drop length of a maximum of 450mm. The kit comes with all nuts, bolts, a stud length, beam brackets and pipe clamp bracket included.

Having certain items come in kit form can be very useful in the construction industry. Instead of having to hunt for the right sizes nuts and bolts they are pre-packed with all you need. The single pipe support bracket and all components are manufactured from pre-galvanised mild steel BS EN 10326 2004 or mild steel zinc plated BS EN ISO898 / ISO4042. None of the components are supplied assembled as there are a number of variations that can be made with the kit. The pipe support bracket can be rotated through 360 degrees to allow for correct fitting of the pipe.

 We supply single pipe support brackets for the construction industry. Contact Gordon Products today and order as many as you need. We have recently celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2015 and are proud to have kept the same can do attitude that has been central to our business. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is equally important. We are known for our reliability and attention to detail in all out products. We will also help any customer design an item that can be manufactured by our state of the art machines.  We will produce samples, remodify them over and over again until they fit the customer’s requirements. Our aim is to make an object for our customer that saves time and money. This helps our customer compete in a world market.


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