Top Quality Single Pipe Support for Your Building Needs

single pipe supportFor single pipe support your company needs a supplier with consistently high standards that is reliable without fail and keeps their pricing competitive. Our company, Gordon Products, meet those criteria and bring fifty years of solid reputation to our customers. We are frugal and efficient to control waste and keep prices down but we are quick to invest in the latest technology and training for staff. We are equipped with CNC machinery with capabilities suited to any production size requested. We design or adapt your design for special use products but we also mass produce certain high demand wire form products. An example is our single pipe support. Ongoing production of this component guarantees our customers a ready inventory.

Commercial and industrial building and manufacturing have need of piping held in place to maintain balance and distribution. You don’t want any sway along the length of pipe so single pipe support is necessary at close intervals. If the pipe is above ground you want it secured against exterior damage. Our quality shows when the terrain is unpredictable. Single pipe supports are a stock item on the job site and those we manufacture at Gordon Products will be reliably supplied according to your demand at a predictable price. You won’t get invoices showing price changes without notification. You will know about any price change before you order.

Our single pipe support is one component among many that we stock and have readily available for our customers. We have the Single 110mm Pipe Support,  90 Degree 110mm Pipe Support Brackets, Standard single 155 beam bridge pipe support bracket and Standard single 100mm block pipe bracket. If you are looking for a supplier for your construction business that understands the needs of their customers, contact Gordon Products. We can fabricate any component to suit your need. Bring your design or tell our designers what you need. We will design and manufacture any wire bending component to do the job you need done. We provide outstanding customer service to our customers and place value on their time.


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