Top Quality Soil Pipe Support Products for your Needs

soil pipe supportTop-quality soil pipe supports are available from Gordon Products. We have more than half a century’s experience in designing and  manufacturing premium quality wire forms, metal components, screws, clips, fasteners, pipe support components, hooks, and brackets. Our client base includes the construction industry, and large industrial projects. We also manufacture sheet metal fixings, wire form components for the construction and pre-cast concrete industries. We can also manufacture bespoke products based on client specifications, no matter how large or small your order. Our cost-effective, design-efficient and high-quality products have made us a market leader in this sector.

Soil pipes are the drain pipes fitted to remove body waste matter from toilets, and urinals. These pipes, fitted with the right soil pipe supports, are different from normal waste drain pipes fitted in kitchens and baths. They are the 4-inch pipes that can be seen running down the side of the building into an underground connector. They are vented through the roof area to let explosive gases like methane escape safely. They may also be referred to as field lines, as they remove waste matter from septic tanks and distribute it underground. These drainage and venting systems are complex and require the expertise, training and experience of knowledgeable technicians to fit, repair and maintain. This is certainly not a DIY job. They also require many specialized fittings which have to be of the highest quality to ensure safety, convenience and hygiene. These pipes need access fittings to enable regular maintenance, compliance with plumbing codes and smooth operation.

Taller buildings, commercial properties and high-rise office blocks require highly sophisticated soil pipe supports. This is because the pipe lines are much longer and may have to go around corners, and walls. They have to be strong enough to withstand internal and external pressures to allow smooth operation. Enough vents have to be provided to equalise pressure on both sides so that there is no build-up of noxious gases. When you are looking for top-quality soil pipe supports, contact Gordon Products. We manufacture a variety of adjustable soil pipe brackets and supports that can be used to hang 110mm pipes below precast beams and block floors.


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