Void Forming Ceiling Clips for Use with Precast Beam and Block Flooring Systems

Void forming ceiling clipsFor top quality void forming ceiling clips, get in touch with the specialists. Gordon Products has celebrated more than half a century’s work design, manufacture and supply of premium quality wire forms and metal components. We enjoy a great reputation in industry circles for responsive, reliable services and products available at the most affordable price bands. We focus on 100% customer satisfaction regarding our wire products, wire formed parts, sheet metal products, welded assembles, frames and fixtures. Some of the industries that use these products and are our clients include the construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, medical, marine, and leisure sectors.

Void forming ceiling clips are used extensively in the modern construction industry. This is used where suspended ceilings are constructed. In such a construction, the suspended or secondary ceiling is hung from the structural floor slab above it. This creates a void between the floor slab and the suspended ceiling. This gap may be between 3 and 8 inches. This is a very popular in construction design feature of commercial and retail properties where this space or void is used to conceal ugly wiring and piping that spoils the aesthetic appearance of the interiors. This void can be used to provide heating, plumbing, ventilation and electrical services, along with installation of speakers, light fittings, antennae, CCTV, fire, smoke and motion detectors, as well as sprinklers. The suspended ceiling is fitted by using clips and brackets. This arrangement can also be used in the floor area, where the void is created between the structural floor slab and a secondary one above it.

Void forming clips have to be very strong and reliable, otherwise they could pose a safety hazard to the occupants of the room. Our clips are used mainly in precast beam and block flooring systems, to attach the battens to concrete T-beams. They are available in various sizes to match the different beam profiles and void depth measurements. When you need void forming ceiling clips, contact Gordon Products.  Our products are tough, sturdy and long lasting. We can also manufacture clips to your exact specifications and individual needs. They are manufactured from galvanized steel with double thickness for extra rigidity.


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