Void Forming Ceiling Clips Manufactured from 1.0 and 0.8mm Galvanised Mild Steel

Void forming ceiling clipsVoid forming ceiling clips is one of our own brand of standard products. Our speciality is the manufacture of bent wire components and sheet metal fixings. The precast concrete and construction industries are the largest customers for our void ceiling clips. They’re used to create enough space for the installation of essential services when wood planks or timber battens are suspended below beams and floors and a component in suspended ceiling structures. We make them available in various sizes and void depths. We can also provide bespoke sizes. The customer need only ask. Our void clips are manufactured from 1.0 and 0.8mm galvanised mild steel. Generally, contractors will need about 5 clips per metre.

We manufacture CNC wire forms, wirework, wire components, and wire bending. Void forming ceiling clips is one of many kinds of wire assemblies and fabrications we supply to construction and concrete industries. If you need something different, customised for your own specific use, bring us a sample or sketch and we will design and manufacture to your specifications. We offer a full range of manufacturing services. We’ve been meeting the need for wire forms over fifty years. We are uniquely set up to design, manufacture and deliver the quality products you need efficiently at the lowest possible price. Our prices do not fluctuate with demand. We only take on work orders that we genuinely know we can deliver on time. Our company operates on a no-waste premise which includes employee time and materials. We run a tight but happy ship which keeps our employees and customers happy.

Void forming ceiling clips manufactured by our team will meet your standards for quantity, quality and price. We are able to maintain that perfect balance by investing in the latest and best technology. Improved production that results in savings for us means savings for our customers. Contact Gordon Products for a reliable supplier of void forming ceiling clips at low prices. During our fifty years in business, we have built a strong and enviable reputation for customer service and satisfaction. So, if you are in the market for a new supplier or you want to do some price comparisons, we will be glad to talk with you about what you can expect when doing business with us at Gordon Products.


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