When You are Searching for the Best Pipe Support Brackets, Speak to the Experts

pipe support bracketsGordon Products supplies pipe support brackets with up to date, technologically advanced CNC wire bending machinery. We run an efficient organisation but one place we never skimp is state-of-the-art machinery. This is where we put our money because it works to make us more productive, flexible and creative which maximises customer satisfaction. The best equipment is cost effective but also allows us to consistently work to capacity. We are always working to keep costs down while keeping quality and consistency up. That saves our customers money and guarantees dependability. That is what the companies we serve need to stay profitable. Wirework, wire forms and wire bending designed and manufactured at Gordon Products primarily for the insulation, concrete and construction industries. However, we manufacture products used by almost every industry including, health, marine, education and more.

Our 3 dimensional wire forming abilities are 1-14 mm diameter and our wire fabrications and assemblies are 1-12 mm.  Pipe support brackets are manufactured by Gordon Products from pre-galvanised, stainless steel, copper and more. These brackets are part of our group of standard products. We’re well equipped with designers to create and manufacture to your specifications. However, our list of standard, always in demand products always has high availability. We have what you need; 90-degree pipe supports in different sizes, including brackets. Also, adjustable, T-bar and block fix are part of our standard products. We are happy to fill small orders but we are equipped to meet the demands for large and frequent deliveries.

If you are unfamiliar with our company, our pipe support brackets and other products,  we want you to check us out. Gordon Products has been established since 1965. We enjoy an excellent reputation for quality products, priced right and delivered on time. Wire forms, wire products, wire bending and sheet metal components are our specialties manufactured for most industries. Contact Gordon Products and compare products, prices and delivery schedules. You will find us a congenial group with which to work. More importantly, you’ll find us dependable and consistent. Based on our business model of high quality, lowest possible price and dependable delivery, we stand apart in today’s global marketplace.


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