Wire Bending in London

Wire Bending in LondonWire bending in London is often a necessary service needed by those in manufacturing or that require machines to complete their jobs. After all, certain tools and equipment require that a piece of wire be bent to the specifics of that machine in order for it to function properly. Wire formed parts cannot always be uniform and, thus, cannot always be found hanging on the store shelf or cannot always be ordered. That is when a customised piece not only becomes a desire but a necessity. At Gordon Products, we recognise this need and are ready to create wire bent parts to meet your product or machine goals. With experience, a dedicated staff, and more, we are proud to be a provider with a diverse clientele who comes back time and time again.

If you are a business owner or part of a business team that is located or supported in London, wire bending is a service you may require. But, more than just needing a part, you need a team that is ready to deliver on design as well. After all, a wire form is only as good as its functionality and design is the foundation of this. At Gordon Products, we can deliver on this need. We not only can create the product that you need but our team of amazing designers can help you through this part of the process as well. With over fifty years in business, we have developed a solid group of service deliveries that have supported a diverse array of industries by creating the perfect design. Some of our wires have even received patents!

Wire bending in London is not always necessary for every job. Instead, standard forms can do the job. At Gordon Products, we have you covered in this area as well. Diversified, strong in product, and ready to help, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and set up your consultation. We will provide you with tremendous customer service and walk you through the steps necessary to get the wire product you need at a competitive price.


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