Wire Bending in Preston

Wire Bending in PrestonProfessional wire bending in Preston can be useful for so many applications. What wire project do you currently have lined up? Perhaps you need to create bespoke jewellery stands for your boutique and want an elegant and sophisticated design. Or maybe you are looking for something sturdier to provide structural support to your building or DIY crafts project? Whatever your plans, big or small, simple or involved, we can help. With us you are guaranteed highly skilled workmanship and top quality materials that give you the best results possible.

We work according to your design plans, or if you are at a bit of a loss, we can help with that stage as well as the production. In Preston, wire bending and forming is easily done with our state of the art CNC machinery, allowing the final product to exactly match your design specifications. We work with a range of materials, including galvanised steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel, copper and phosphor bronze. We can recommend which material will be best suited to your individual project. Once the planning stage is complete, we will get to work on the individual parts. Then we weld the parts to form the final product, and treat it for durability and protection. Choose from plastic coating, powder coating, hot-dip galvanising, electro-polishing, anodising or zinc plating as a finish. Not only do these finishes offer improved structural integrity, longevity and protection from damage and the elements, they will give your product an attractive, professional appearance.

We are capable to meet all your needs for wire bending in Preston. Contact Gordon Products today for professional wire bending, wire forms and more. We can create any wire products you can imagine, from clips, coils, springs, hooks, fittings and fixings to display stands, baskets, furniture and even artwork. Use our wire forms in machinery, structures, electronics or equipment for agriculture, engineering, industrial, construction, medical, marine or retail application. We can manufacture in bulk or individual quantities as you require. Let us transform your unique design into an expertly crafted wire form at an affordable price.


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