Wire Bending Services With a 100% Focus on Customer Satisfaction

wie bending servicesTo get premium quality wire bending services, get in touch with the specialists. Gordon Products is a well-established, reputed and reliable manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of wire and sheet metal products. Our client base covers a range of industries including construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, medical, marine, leisure, and art for both industrial and commercial applications. Our CNC wire forms, wire bending, wire fabrications, wire assemblies, wirework and wire components are available in 1-12 mm diameter. Clients can provide us with a sketch or drawing that describes the form and we can coordinate with you to manufacture the exact form according to your specifications.

We are well known in the region and beyond for creating high quality, long-lasting products. Our wire bending services use sophisticated CNC technology to bend and/or cut the wires to precise forms. CNC is a short form for computerised numerical control. This is a method of automating the use of machinery or tools through the software embedded in them. Every object that is being worked on gets its own customised computer program based on the specifications required. Through this technology, users can also create 2D and 3D parts. In the wire forming industry, this technology is typically used to create torsion springs for light duty automotive or outdoor power equipment springs or wire forms. Wire forms are required for different applications and include musical instrument wire, basic, hard-drawn, different grades of stainless steel, bronze, or beryllium copper. Materials that are commonly used in this sector are Grades 304, 316, 330 and 434 stainless steel with different coatings like polyester powder coating, epoxy or PVC coating or other branded products. Clients can provide these specifications and they will be incorporated into the final product.

What sets us apart from other wire bending services is that though technology has advanced, our values and work ethics remain unchanged. We believe in providing affordable, high-quality products to suit your unique requirements, preferences and budget, with a 100% focus on customer satisfaction. Should you need professional wire bending services, contact Gordon Products today. The personal approach to every project and our swift turnaround time has helped us to establish a solid reputation.


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