Wire Bending Services

Wire Bending ServicesIf what you need is wire bending services that are accurate and delivered on time then we at Gordon Products are at your service. We have great flexibility for short or long runs, contract work or one off sample runs. We know you need fair pricing and at Gordon Products, our production standards allow for lower costs than almost any other company. We invest in the latest and most productive bending machines and which improves our production time. We manage our company at a high efficiency level with controlled growth which keeps our overhead from spiralling out of control. These management and financial strategies have served us and our clients well for over fifty years.

Gordon Products has a talented staff ready to design and develop the wire forms you need to make your product work. Among our services, wire bending is one of many. We can customise from a standard form or create from your own design sketches and ideas. Tell us what you want the form to do and we will make it happen. Our staff of designers are available sit down with you and work on your product until it’s exactly the way you envision. When you’re satisfied, we’ll set our bending machines to a short run to make sure you’re satisfied with the result. Once we know we have it right, we can begin production on your orders. We are committed to personal attention and service. We also want to introduce you to our full range of capabilities.

Our wire bending services fulfil orders using computer operated bending machines that are versatile and easy to set up. These machines are state-of-the-art with unparalleled bending accuracy. The machines are also low maintenance which means we don’t lose production time to break downs and you get your orders on time. Contact Gordon Products to discuss your need for wirework forms, fabrications, assemblies and components in 1-12mm diameters. We have everything in place to insure your products are to standards, on time and at an agreeable price. Gordon Products wire bending services produces a multitude of standard use wire products including welded wire components to almost every industry.


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