Wire Bending

Wire BendingWhen you require large-scale wire bending facilities, it’s best to have them done by a professional. At Gordon Products, we have more than 50 years’ experience in this area of business. We manufacture and supply a variety of products to a diverse range of industries – they include the construction, insulation, furniture, health-care, marine and leisure industries among a host of others. Our products comprise wire products, wire formed parts, sheet metal products, welded frames, fixtures, assemblies etc. Just inform us about your requirements and we can provide top-quality finished products anywhere in and around the North West. What has kept us going for more than half a century is our commitment to growth and innovation. We continually invest in technology, people and offer our customers reliability, dedication and attention to detail.

Shaped or bent wires are extensively used to create prototypes of designs. Wire bending machines are used to create a wide assortment of designs, components, wire forms, and wire works. Bent wires are used to create prototypes or products that include baskets, chain link fences, shopping carts, lighting fixtures, decorative gratings, stands, hooks, safety-pins, paper clips, springs, egg-beaters and whisks, and jewelery. On a large scale, they can also be used in scaffolding, bridges and huge structures. Wire bending is also used to create delicate parts in musical instruments and clocks, construct ornate and beautiful bird-cages and also practical items like pegs, pins, rivets and machinery.  With more advanced techniques, they can also be used to create chairs and other useful artifacts.

Wire bending undertaken by us is in accordance with the latest international technology. The final product is created using the customer’s own specifications and we can customise them according to the requirements. Often, customers themselves provide the raw material – titanium, nickel-coated steel, or non-ferrous metals, and give us the design so that we can provide them with the finished products. For more information about our wire bending services, contact Gordon Products. Other materials commonly used include graded stainless steel. Wires can also be coated with various types of epoxy and PVC coatings to protect them and ensure the longevity and strength of the product.


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