Wire Components Manufactured for Every Industry at Attractive Prices

Wire ComponentsWhen you require top-quality wire components, Gordon Products can provide exactly what you require. Having been in the business for more than half a century, we specialise in supplying premium CNC wire forms, wire components, wire works, all kinds of wire assemblies and wire fabrications. Our clients include a diverse range of industries, including construction, insulation, furniture, healthcare, medical, marine, leisure and many other industrial, engineering and manufacturing applications. We are based in the North of England but our reputation in the industry goes much beyond this area. Based on your requirements, you can specify the material and the level to which the wire must be ground to. Our wire components are used to manufacture guide wires, core wires, a range of medical equipment like spinal fusion devices, minimal intervention devices, dental and ophthalmology devices.

Multi wire saws are also used in industrial cutting. Our wire components can be used to manufacture specific cutting devices using multiwire and diamond wire saws. Monowire machines are used for slab cutting and block squaring in the construction and building industries. Wire components also include safety pins, crimp pins, brooch or badge pins for different applications. Key rings, key hooks, locker pins, fixings, clips and fasteners are other forms that we can deliver. Just give us your ideas and the specifications. Our skilled team of technicians can produce exactly what you have in mind, swiftly, efficiently and at very attractive prices.

We can also manufacture top-quality bent wire components according to your specifications. These are free form components with the function of a spring and most often manufactured from spring steel. Other materials that some of our customers provide include titanium, nickel, copper, and non-ferrous metals. Contact us for more information on our products and services. We offer practical and efficient solutions that make economic sense, premium, consistent quality and punctual, reliable services. Our decades of intensive and extensive experience, constantly updated technology, trained and skilled technicians and well-equipped facilities offer the best in the industry. We offer bespoke, customised solutions, right from design stage, to manufacture and completion and final timely delivery to suit your requirements and budget.


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