Wire Form Manufacturers in Bristol

Wire Form Manufacturers in BristolAs wire form manufacturers in Bristol we at Gordon Products are hard pressed to think of an industry that doesn’t use CNC wire forms and a multitude of wire assemblies, components and fabrications in their own product manufacturing. We see examples of wire forms just about everywhere we go. Look around and you will see wire hooks, coiled springs, hooks and clips in all sizes. The wire basket form may be indispensable. At Gordon Products we manufacture our wire forms from your choice of materials including steel, galvanised bronze, copper and stainless steel. CNC wire forms are created using a computerised bending process that turns out perfect quality in high volumes in a short time.

At Gordon Products we have found an efficient balance of quality, customer service and company size. There are, in Bristol, wire form manufacturers that may be larger, employ more people and turn out more product annually. We did the maths and made a plan. It has served our company and our customers well for over fifty years. We stay big enough to handle large volume orders to customers’ satisfaction and small enough to not lose track of quality, efficiency and availability. We continue to work our plan which allows us to turn out high quality wire forms at lower prices. We monitor all areas of our workplace to prevent waste in time, money and material. Customers should not have to pay high prices because their manufacturer is slovenly managed.

We have time for our customers looking for wire form manufacturers in Bristol. Sometimes we can meet their needs with products already designed and manufactured. However, we welcome modifications and new product ideas that will work for our clients’ product. Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea if you can get a workable wire form manufactured? We welcome your ideas and our design team will create exactly what you need. Perhaps you are not sure what will work; that’s not a problem. Bring us your product and we’ll find a solution. We can do a small run for you to make sure the form is tweaked to perfection. Contact us or come by. If you need wire forms, even large volume wire forms, we don’t need a lot of lead time.


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