Wire Form Manufacturers in Leeds

Wire Form Manufacturers in LeedsWire form manufacturers in Leeds provide their customers with a variety of wire forms, both standard and customised.  Just look around you and you’ll quickly discover how many shaped wire items there are. From the humble paper clip right up to chain link fences and scaffolding, wire is everywhere.  A company that invests in the best CNC coiling/wire forming machines can manufacture wire forms beyond your wildest imagination. These kinds of machines allow our customers to provide us with details of their wire project. We’re able to precisely create components for their specific requirements. At Gordon Products, we have more than 5 decades of experience behind us and with our ‘can do’ attitude, our customers know that they get precisely what they want. We know that with wire and steel there are boundless possibilities and with careful management of costs, we can also provide our customers with competitive prices.

We’re based in North West England. In Leeds, wire form manufacturers like us at Gordon Products know precisely how wire has many uses in all industries. A huge range of industries such as the healthcare and medical industry, engineering, construction, furniture and many others rely on our services. The wire we use to make all the different parts can be oval, D-shaped, elliptical, oval, hexagonal and more. You can provide us with a drawing or some form of a sample, and we will offer you a full range of manufacturing services from product development input, small batch runs, sample production or large volume manufacture. We also offer a range of finishes such as powder coating, anodising, zinc plating and others. Our CNC machines offer the latest and most sophisticated method of wire forming.

Wire form manufacturers in Leeds have a team of skilled and experienced CNC machine operators. When you are looking for wire form manufacturers to assist you with a project, contact Gordon Products. Our operators feed wire from a powered payoff reel. It then goes into a forming head where the wire is shaped according to instructions from the computer. Virtually no other tooling is required and the completed part is ready for the customer. We’re waiting to do the same for you.


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